After moving my mother into a retirement home we had to empty her house. Car loads of boxes of papers, treasures and other stuff ended up in our house, filling the kitchen, hallway and the living room. Michelle came to the rescue, with her organizing skills, a plan for sorting and disposal, and a labeller. We were able to keep important items in organized storage containers, clearly labelled and make decisions to donate or dispose of the rest. The task seemed overwhelming but with Michelle’s assistance and expertise we accomplished it. - Marg Mc.


Our entertainment area was a disorganized mess of wires and equipment with multiple remotes -- very confusing and an eyesore. Also, the surround sound didn’t work. Michelle disconnected everything, ran all of the equipment through the tuner, reducing the number of remotes, charted and labelled all the wires, provided clear direction for settings for each (TV, VHS, Blueray, Turntable, Beta),  fixed the surround sound and organized the power bars for easier access and conservation.  - Lydia M